MS4 Polarity Test Module

The MS4 Polarity Tester is a simple, user-friendly module specifically designed to check the polarity of multi-fiber trunk cables. The MS4 can significantly improve throughput in a production environment where the possibility of process errors demands an efficient method to test and confirm the correct polarity.

The MS4 supports testing of up to 48 fiber single-mode and multimode ribbon cables. Intuitive software quickly displays PASS/FAIL results for any ribbon configuration including type A, B, C, D and custom profiles.

The MS4 can be paired with an MS12 Return Loss module inside one of the MS Mainframes to provide IL, RL & Polarity results in a single station using the MS12001 software.


  • MPO cable assembly testing
  • Ribbon cable manufacturing
  • QC Inspection

Key Features

  • Simple Pass/Fail results
  • Up to 48 channels in one module with the ability to expand to 432 channels
  • Testing results can easily be exported to EXCEL
  • MS12001 software & database integration