Optical Attenuators

JGR’s OA5 Programmable Optical Attenuators enable precise optical power control and feature high accuracy and superior repeatability. They are ideal for lab and production applications including power level adjustment in automated test systems, BER testing of transmitters and receivers, and channel equalization in WDM systems.

Optical Attenuators

MEMS Optical Attenuator

The OA1 MEMS Optical Attenuator can support up to 16 MEMs based variable attenuators in a single 1U unit. The OA1 low insertion loss and high repeatability provides all the features required for BERT testing or link loss simulation. With it s high density, the OA1 is the perfect tool for manufacturing applications.

Programmable Optical Attenuator

The OA5 Programmable Optical Attenuator is a benchtop instrument offering dynamic range of at least 50 dB (depending on the model configuration). It can be remotely controlled via GPIB, RS232, USB or locally via the user-friendly front panel keypad and display, simplifying the selection and confirmation of attenuation levels.