PT5 Polarity Tester

The PT5 Polarity Tester is a simple, user-friendly instrument specifically designed to check the polarity of multi-fiber trunk cables. The PT5 can significantly improve throughput in a production environment where the possibility of process errors demands an e cient method to test and confirm the correct polarity.

The PT5 supports testing of up to 72 ber single-mode and multimode ribbon cables. Intuitive software quickly displays PASS/FAIL results for any ribbon configuration including type A, B, C and custom profiles.

Testing can be performed through the included software package which enables management of unlimited custom cable types and the ability to export test results to Microsoft Excel. The software also provides access to a Visual Fault Locator mode which enables easy identi cation of any damaged fiber.


  • MPO cable assembly testing
  • Ribbon cable manufacturing
  • QC Inspection

Key Features

  • Simple Pass/Fail results
  • Up to 72 fibers
  • Testing results can easily be exported to EXCEL