RL1 | Automated Return Loss Meter

The RL1 Automated Return Loss Meter has been precisely designed for the most accurate mandrel-free insertion loss and return loss measurements available in the industry. The RL1 is capable of testing even the most challenging fiber optic cable assemblies and components with smart integrated analysis settings adaptable to user requirements.

It is important for the RL1 to be flexible as applications keep changing with new industry requirements. JGR has designed the RL1 to be chassis modular, allowing for quick pairing to equipment part of the XN1 family via USB connection. The RL1 can contain up to 4 built in wavelengths (850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm) with the available option of a 1x2 front panel output.

The RL1 can be paired with up to four RD-S Wireless Remote Head power meters. The re-designed integrating sphere can measure loss on dense 72 channel MTP/MPO and also duplex LC with one connection. The RD-S comes standard with SD Slide Detector adapters allowing for the ultimate in ease-of-use.

Unique to the RL1, the optical meter has been designed with many innovative new smart features that increase production efficiency and improve overall usage.

RL 1 0 2outputs

PT1 | Polarity Tester

The PT1 Polarity Tester is an easy-to-use instrument specifically designed to check the polarity of fiber optic cable assemblies. The PT1 is equipped with a touchscreen interface to allow for one touch testing of typical pre-programmed type A, B, C, and unlimited configurable custom profiles. The Visual Fault Locator mode enables easy manual identification of any possible damaged or crossed fiber.

The PT1 can be built with up to 288 fiber optic cable assemblies in one box, or can be expanded to 432 if needed. Efficiently, the PT1 operates on a new stand-alone JGR platform which does not require a PC to operate. There is still the possibility of remote operation through USB or Ethernet. Testing can be performed through the included software package which enables the ability to export test results to Microsoft Excel.

The PT1 has been developed with customers in mind by looking at the growing demand to reduce testing time and to increase throughput with a user-friendly experience.

PT 1 0

BR1 | Backreflection Meter

The BR1 Backreflection Meter is a user-friendly instrument developed with extremely stable optics for precise measurement of backreflection, insertion loss and power. The BR1 features up to four built-in laser sources at wavelengths of 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 or 1650 nm (depending on fiber type). Custom sources and fiber types available upon request.

The BR1 is capable of ultra-stable Insertion Loss (IL), Power, and Backreflection (BR) measurements. With a BR accuracy of ±0.4 dB and an IL accuracy of ± 0.03 dB, the BR1 is the perfect tool for reliable & accurate measurements.

The BR1 can be used with our free easy to use GMS software to help automate test configurations, data logging, and report generation for both short and long term testing needs. The multimode version of the BR1 complies with the Encircled Flux launch conditions outlined in IEC 61280-4-1 and TIA/EIA 526-14-B.

BR1 0

SX1 | Optical Switch

The SX1 Optical Switch is a customizable benchtop/rackmount instrument ideal for high-volume manufacturing production testing. Available in single- mode ormultimode, the switch configurations range from 1x2 up to 1x400. Optional 2x1 or 4x1 built-in switches can provide additional common inputs. The switch may be controlled through remote interface (USB or Ethernet).

A variety of configuration options offers additional flexibility. The front panel bulkheads can be fitted with FC, SC or LC connector types. The 3U chassis can contain up to 185 bulkheads. Larger channel counts move to a 6U chassis.

Sx 1    0

MS12 | Return Loss Module

The MS12 Return Loss Module combines advanced time-domain technology with a built in unique wide aperture integrating cavity. An internal monitoring feature maintains laser stability for reliable insertion loss testing throughout an entire working day. The internal return loss reference helps with highly accurate multimode and single-mode return loss measurement performance. The multimode MS12 Return Loss Meters meet IEC-61280-4-1 Encircled Flux Standard.

The EXFO IQS-3250B and IQS-9403 are fully compatible with the MS12001 line. They meet the same specifications and will be recognized by both the MS12001 and the IQS-12001B systems.

Ms12 Sd Front

MS4 | Polarity Test Module

The MS4 Polarity Tester is a user-friendly module specifically designed to check the polarity of multi-fiber cables. The MS4 can significantly improve throughput in a production environment where the possibility of process errors demands an efficient method to test and confirm the correct polarity.

The MS4 supports testing of up to 48 fiber single-mode and multimode ribbon cables. Intuitive software quickly displays PASS/FAIL results for any ribbon configuration including type A, B, C, D and custom profiles.

The MS4 can be paired with an MS12 Return Loss module inside one of the MS Mainframes to provide IL, RL & Polarity results in a single station using the MS12001 software.

Jgr Ms4 Polarity Tester Front Centered

MS7 | Optical Switch Module

The MS7 optical switches are available in a variety of configurations from 2x2, 1x2 to 1x72 for both single-mode and multimode fibers. They provide the flexibility required to configure the MS12001 system to support various applications like multiwavelength testing, multifiber connector testing or high-throughput configurations.

The MS7 modular optical switches provide high performance at a reasonable cost and are exclusive to JGR for use in the MS12001 cable assembly and component test system.

Ms7 Front

MS | Mainframes

The modular units of the Cable Assembly Test System can be powered using the MS05B/MS08B benchtop mainframes or the MS10R rackmount mainframe along with a customizable external computer*. The MS mainframes communicate to a computer via an included PCI card running on Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.

The MS mainframes allow for both single-mode and multimode insertion loss and return loss testing within a single station. Different modular configurations can be set up for testing up to four wavelengths. Pairing an MS12 with an MS7 Optical Switch allows for multi-fiber testing in the single mainframe. Cascading mainframes or pairing with an external SX8 switch allows for higher channel count testing requirements.


MBR5 | Multiple-Output Backreflection Meter

The MBR5 Multi-Channel Backreflection Meter is an instrument developed with extremely stable optics for precise measurement of backreflection, insertion loss and power. Available with 4, 12, 24, 48 or 72, output channels, the MBR5 is a practical choice for both single fiber and multi fiber testing.

The MBR5 features up to four built-in laser sources at wavelengths of 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 and 1650 nm (depending on fiber type), and can be configured for single-mode or multimode measurements.

An intuitive display and keypad simplifies the collection and management of measurement data allowing quick access to the test results from various channels. The meter may be controlled through remote interface (GPIB, RS232, or USB*) or locally via the user-friendly front panel keypad and display.

The MBR5 achieves ultra-stable backreflection measurements at very low values with accuracy typically at ±0.4 dB and measurement sensitivity is to –80dB. In addition, the cavity option is particularly useful for multi-fiber connectors with large fiber counts. The MBR5 can be used with our GMS software to help automate short and long term testing. All our MBR5 meters come standard with our GMS Software at no additional cost. The multimode option of the MBR5 meets IEC-61280-4-1 Encircled Flux Standard.

*USB interface via-USB-DB9 adapter

Mbr5 Sd Front