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MS7 | Optical Switch Module

The MS7 optical switches are available in a variety of configurations from 2x2, 1x2 to 1x72 for both single-mode and multimode fibers. They provide the flexibility required to configure the MS12001 system to support various applications like multiwavelength testing, multifiber connector testing or high-throughput configurations.

The MS7 modular optical switches provide high performance at a reasonable cost and are exclusive to JGR for use in the MS12001 cable assembly and component test system.

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  • 4-wavelength, Multifiber and high-throughput applications

Key Features

  • Configurations from 2x2, 1x2 up to 1x72
  • SM and MM
  • RL: SM >60 dB / MM >40 dB
  • IL 0.7 dB
  • Available with fixed connectors: FC/APC or FC/UPC

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