WCS | Wideband Component Test System

The Wideband Component Test System (WCS) takes advantage of JGR’s cost effective ultra-wide band tunable laser source (TLS5), in order to provide fast and reliable measurements across the entire O, E, S, C, L and U wavelength ranges in one single sweep.

The WCS is capable of characterizing 32-Channel components such as broadband splitters, filters, or CWDM components in less than 10 seconds. With the included WCS Software, users can easily setup PASS/FAIL criteria to view real time graphical results of IL, PDL, and BR versus wavelength of their devices under test.

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PDL1 | Polarization Dependent Loss Meter

The PDL1 Polarization Dependent Loss Meter based upon the proven optics of the PDL5 to provide accurate, fast and reliable PDL & IL measurements. With PDL accuracy up to ±0.005dB + 2% it is the most accurate PDL meter available.

The PDL1 is the practical choice for many types of fiber-optic component testing. An external input with a wavelength range of 1260-1650 allows for the ultimate flexibility.

An intuitive touch screen display simplifies the operation. The meter may be controlled through remote interface (Ethernet or USB).The PDL1 can be used with our free GMS software to automate measurements.

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PDL5 | Polarization Dependent Loss Meter

The PDL5 PDL/IL/BR Multimeter is built on top of stable and proven MBR5 meter technology and is taken to the next level. Improved source isolation, electronics, optics, and continuous laser power referencing enhance the performance to allow for repeatable and stable measurements. The meter is capable of providing facilities with the PDL, IL and average loss with up to 0.001 dB.

The PDL5 is a practical choice for many types of fiber optical component testing. It is available with up to 4 internal sources (1310/1490/1550/1625/1650 nm), calibrated external inputs, or multiple detectors.

An intuitive display and keypad simplifies the collection and management of measurement data allowing quick access to the test results from various channels. The meter may be controlled through remote interface (GPIB, RS232, or USB*) or locally via the user-friendly front panel keypad and display. The PDL5 and GMS Software can be used paired with an SX8 switch. All our PDL5 meters come standard with our GMS Software at no additional cost.

The PDL5 meter achieves typical PDL accuracy down to ±0.005 dB and average loss and IL accuracy down to ±0.05 dB. The meter achieves ultrastable backreflection measurements at very low values. Accuracy is typically ±0.4 dB and measurement sensitivity is to –75 dB.

*USB interface via-USB-DB9 adapter

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