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EOTS | Environmental Optical Test System

The EOTS Environmental Optical Test System provides a fully integrated solution for long-term testing of optical devices. At the core of the EOTS is an RL1 Automated Return Loss Meter for fast and accurate IL & RL measurements. The SX1 switches used in the EOTS have a repeatability of +/-0.005dB allowing for reliable long term measurements. With its capability to measure changes in Insertion Loss (IL) and mandrel-free Return Loss (RL) of up to 320 channels, the EOTS is the perfect solution to perform compliance testing of devices being stressed in environmental simulations.


  • Passive optical components design and validation
  • Patchcord and cable assembly certification
  • Compliance testing

Key Features

  • Easy Return Loss testing
  • Available for Single-mode and Multimode
  • 4 Single-mode lasers built-in
  • EF compliant for Multimode
  • Bi-directional

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