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SX8 | Rackmount Optical Switch

The SX8 Rackmount Optical Switch are customizable benchtop/rackmount instruments ideal for high-volume manufacturing production testing. Available in single-mode or multi- mode, the switch configurations range from 1x2 up to 1x360. Optional 2x1 or 4x1 built-in switches can provide additional common inputs. The switch may be controlled through remote interface (GPIB, RS232, or USB*).

A variety of configuration options offers additional flexibility. The front panel bulkheads may be fit with typical FC, SC, LC connector types or customizable configurations available. Switches with up to 48 bulkhead channels for FC (64 channels for LC and SC) are available in a 3U chassis or 100 pigtail. Larger count switches move to a 6U chassis.

*USB interface via-USB-DB9 adapter


  • High-volume production testing
  • Multiple device testing
  • R&D applications
  • System compliance testing

Key Features

  • Low IL at 0.7 dB
  • Up to 360 outputs
  • Many configuration possibilities
  • Superior repeatability of ± 0.005 dB

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