PT1 | Polarity Tester

The PT1 Polarity Tester is an easy-to-use instrument specifically designed to check the polarity of fiber optic cable assemblies. The PT1 is equipped with a touchscreen interface to allow for one touch testing of typical pre-programmed type A, B, C, and unlimited configurable custom profiles. The Visual Fault Locator mode enables easy manual identification of any possible damaged or crossed fiber.

The PT1 can be built with up to 288 fiber optic cable assemblies in one box, or can be expanded to 432 if needed. Efficiently, the PT1 operates on a new stand-alone JGR platform which does not require a PC to operate. There is still the possibility of remote operation through USB or Ethernet. Testing can be performed through the included software package which enables the ability to export test results to Microsoft Excel.

The PT1 has been developed with customers in mind by looking at the growing demand to reduce testing time and to increase throughput with a user-friendly experience.

Pt1 0 Dark Clear Background

MS4 | Polarity Test Module

The MS4 Polarity Tester is a user-friendly module specifically designed to check the polarity of multi-fiber cables. The MS4 can significantly improve throughput in a production environment where the possibility of process errors demands an efficient method to test and con rm the correct polarity.

The MS4 supports testing of up to 48 fiber single-mode and multimode ribbon cables. Intuitive software quickly displays PASS/FAIL results for any ribbon configuration including type A, B, C, D and custom profiles.

The MS4 can be paired with an MS12 Return Loss module inside one of the MS Mainframes to provide IL, RL & Polarity results in a single station using the MS12001 software.

Jgr Ms4 Polarity Tester Front Centered