XN1 | Expandable Network

The XN1 Expandable Network is designed with reliability and ease of use as top priorities to control and manage "XN1 Ready" devices such as the RL1 Automated Return Loss Meter. The XN1 Server acts as the database which stores test plans, results, etc. The optional Cable Assembly Application can be run on a PC to control each RL1 locally.

XN1 Stations

MS12001 | Cable Assembly Test Software

The MS12001 software is the most widely deployed insertion loss and mandrel-free return loss measurement solution in the industry. With the MS12, it delivers accurate, reliable, and traceable results for optical cable assemblies and optical components.

Working closely with fiber optic market leaders, the MS12001 software has been tailored to accommodate critical fiber-optic testing needs. New features are continuously being added to suit new application requirements.

MS12001 Measurement

GMS | Generic Measurement Software

The GMS Generic Measurement Software is easy to use software designed to work with almost all of JGR’s products for full test customization.

Gms fail

EOTS | Environmental Optical Test Software

The EOTS Environmental Optical Test Software is the ideal solution for long- term testing of optical devices. At the core of the EOTS is an RL1 Automated Return Loss Meter for fast and accurate IL & RL measurements. The SX1 switches used in the EOTS have a repeatability of +/-0.005dB allowing for reliable long term measurements. With its capability to measure changes in Insertion Loss (IL) and mandrel-free Return Loss (RL) of up to 320 channels, the EOTS is the perfect solution to perform compliance testing of devices being stressed in environmental simulations.

EOTS plot

WCS | Wide band Component Test Software

The Wideband Component Test System (WCS) takes advantage of JGR’s cost effective ultra-wide band tunable laser source (TLS5), in order to provide fast and reliable measurements across the entire O, E, S, C, L and U wavelength ranges in one single sweep.

The WCS is capable of characterizing 32-Channel components such as broadband splitters, filters, or CWDM components in less than 10 seconds. Users can easily setup PASS/FAIL criteria to view real time graphical results of IL, PDL, and BR versus wavelength of their devices under test.

CWDM Screenshot

PTS | Polarity Test Software

The PTS software allows for automated control your JGR polarity testers through an easy to use dedicated Windows application.

PTS measure