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WCS | Wide band Component Test Software

The Wideband Component Test System (WCS) takes advantage of JGR’s cost effective ultra-wide band tunable laser source (TLS5), in order to provide fast and reliable measurements across the entire O, E, S, C, L and U wavelength ranges in one single sweep.

The WCS is capable of characterizing 32-Channel components such as broadband splitters, filters, or CWDM components in less than 10 seconds. Users can easily setup PASS/FAIL criteria to view real time graphical results of IL, PDL, and BR versus wavelength of their devices under test.


  • Broadband coupler testing
  • CWDM testing
  • Filter testing
  • FTTH/PON splitter testing
  • Attenuator testing

Key Features

  • 1260 to 1650 wavelength range
  • Fast scanning (<10 seconds for the entire band)
  • Up to 32 Channels per chassis and 256 per system

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