TSL-570 | High Performance Tunable Laser

Santec’s all new TSL-570 capitalizes on Santec’s 33 years’ experience in tunable laser manufacture. The TSL-570 is a high performance tunable laser with a wide tuning range and an output combining high power and high signal-to-noise ratio. It uses a new optical cavity design with precise speed control up to 200 nm/s and sub-picometer resolution and accuracy.

Tunable lasers are used extensively in photonics; for optical component characterization, photonic integrated circuit testing, quantum photonics, spectroscopy and sensors. Santec’s TSL-570 is a high specification, full feature instrument suitable for all applications. It has a simple to use touch panel display as well as Ethernet, GPIB and USB interfaces for remote control. A Wake-on-LAN (WoL) feature provides convenience for remote installations. Models are available to cover from 1240 to 1680 nm with output powers up to 20 mW.

A new sealed laser cavity is mode-hop-free and provides a stable output at every wavelength. It has 0.1 pm resolution, sub-pm accuracy and a market leading, 90 dB/0.1 nm, ultra-low level of spontaneous source emission. The TSL-570 integrates seamlessly with Santec’s optical power meters (MPM series), optical switches (OSU series) and polarization controllers (PCU series) creating benchmark, turn-key solutions for wavelength dependent loss (WDL) and polarization dependent loss (PDL) measurements (Swept Test System).

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TSL-770 | Ultimate Performance Tunable Laser

Santec's TSL-770 is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from production to basic research, due to its high speed, narrow linewidth, wide 160 nm tuning range and market leading accuracy and precision. A proprietary resonator design enhances Q value and wavelength stability, opening doors for photonic investigations in the most cutting-edge research applications.

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WSL-110 | Compact & Robust Tunable Laser

Designed for use in fiber optic transmission testing, our WSL-110 can also be used for DWDM component evaluation and coherent communications testing. The WSL-110 features grid tuning and gridless tuning options, allowing any wavelength to be accessed.

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Full-band TSL | Ultra-Wideband Tunable Laser

The system combines up to four of our tunable lasers (TSL-570) with an optical switch module (OSU-110) and control software. The complete Full-band TSL has excellent cost performance, high wavelength accuracy and fast sweeping for use in both R&D and production environments

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