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Repair and Calibration

Why Calibrate?

Calibration ensures that your measurement devices are operating within their specifications and that the measurements they perform are traceable to NIST Standards - an important requirement if you (or your customer) require precision and traceability.

Repair and Calibration

JGR Optics is experienced in handling a wide range of fiber optic test equipment requirements. We offer calibration services traceable to NIST, and that conform to the requirements for the Laboratory Accreditation ISO 17025:2005.

At JGR we are committed to accurate and timely calibration and repair services that follow the highest standards in the industry. With typical 3-day turn-around time for most calibration services, down times are kept to minimum.

NIST Traceability

NIST-traceability means that your instrument’s measurements are connected – through an unbroken chain – to National Institute of Standards and Technology measurements. JGR ensures this traceability by regularly calibrating our instruments at the NIST labs.

ISO 17025:2005 Laboratory Accreditation

JGR recognizes the importance of quality in all aspects of our business. We operate an ISO17025:2005 Accredited Laboratory to ensure quality standards for customer care and technical services. This accreditation is a testament to our commitment to quality and our demonstrated proficiency in calibration services. It ensures that we are continually evaluating and improving our services.

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